12 years old super science geek.
Intelligent, inquisitive, excitable, sassy.
Have absolute faith in science.
Loves tinkering with things and taking them apart!

Mental age: 7, Physical age: 0.
Curious and child-like, and is so much more than just a regular personal assistant robot! Want to visit Cyberspace? No problems!

12 years old and dramatic kid.
Marie's neighbour and best friend.
Extroverted and jovial.
Obsessed with his social media presence.

Citizen of Cyberspace, knows all the local spots.
An anomaly born from a data collision.
Refined, smart and always happy to help.
Has a slight glitch.

42 years old works-at-home dad.
A freelance copywriter.
Easy-going, enthusiatic and supportive.
A tea connoisseur, loves jazz and cooking.