Marie receives a special gift from her dad - a robotic personal assistant called Argo! In their first adventure together, they discover how the Internet works. Special guests include Vint Cerf, one of the Internet's founding fathers, and a National Medal of Technology honoree.

Tyler cautions Marie about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world in the future. The possibility of hurting Marie and humans scares Argo. The duo head to the Cyberspace to learn if there's any truth to Tyler's stories. Featuring Dr. Vijay Kumar, renowed Robotics expert from the University of Pennsylvania.

Marie and Argo decide to create a video game for Tyler to cheer him up after he injured himself. To do so, they have to learn a new computer programming language called Scratch. Special guests include Zoë Bentley, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

A super blood moon eclipse is going to happen and Marie wants to find out the best way to photograph it. Marie and Argo learns about the planets around Earth and what it's like to work in Space. Featuring Rick Mastracchio, a NASA astronaut.

Argo struggles to understand why living things die. He takes to the Cyberspace to learn more about the circle of life and to find out if anything can be done to prevent humans from dying. Special guests include Dr. Christina Liew from the Singapore National Environment Agency.

To prepare for her interview at the Zoo, Marie heads to the Cyberspace with Argo to learn all about Taxonomy, the science of classifying things. Special guests include Dr. Lian Pin Koh from the Univerity of Adelaide.

Marie is watching her favourite science show on TV when the power goes out. Curious, Marie heads to the Cyberspace to learn what she can about electricity. However, Argo's battery runs low and they have to return quickly or risk being stranded in the Cyberspace forever.

When Marie's model Parthenon is smashed to pieces, she heads to Cyberspace to learn how to make another. They meet famous mathematicians such as Isaac Newton and Archimedes who teach them about special numbers and how math is used in design and architecture.

Argo attracts some really strong magnets that don't come off. He worries that the magnets might damage his systems permanently. They head to the Cyberspace to learn all about magnetism to help Argo and find inspiration for Marie's STEM Competition project.

The sweltering weather causes Argo to overheat. Marie needs to figure out how to save Argo and do it fast! She heads to the Cyberspace with a malfunctioning Argo to learn how to fix Argo's cooling system from scientists like James Prescott Joule and James Dewar.

Marie forgets to bake a cake for a birthday party and rushes to learn the right measurements to make one. Will she be able to accurately convert and convey the right quantity instructions to Tyler to make a Very Merry Peanut Butter Passion cake?

Opening an email attachment causes Marie's laptop to be infected with a virus. The virus absorbs all light spectrums except one, turning everything green. Marie gets the help of Sir Isaac Newton and Humphry Davy to fight the virus Queen before the effects become permanent.

For Argo's birthday, Marie plans to bring Argo to meet his favourite comic book hero, Mr. Roboto. Argo is super excited, but also nervous. Tyler suggests that they find out as much as they can about Mr. Roboto. While learning about his hero, Argo also discovers more about himself.

Tyler gets a severe tummy ache right before his movie premiere. Marie and Argo travel through the human digestive system in Cyberspace where they meet scientists like Elizabeth Blackwell and William Beaumont to try to find a cure for Tyler.

Tyler buys a 'space rock' off the Internet. Marie thinks it's a scam. While in Cyberspace learning about the rocks that make up Earth, Marie and Argo uncover the truth of Tyler's 'space rock'.